Actress Geeta Kapoor Shifted To Old Age Home

Actress Geeta Kapoor In A Wheelchair

Actress Geeta Kapoor is in news again, but thankfully for good reasons. It was revealed that the actress was discharged from hospital today. From there she was shifted to Jeevan Asha Old Age home located in Andheri.

This brings an end to her ordeal which lasted for more than a month. The cause was her own son, who abandoned her at the hospital and ran away. It was revealed that he made an excuse about getting more money for her treatment, and the poor woman still believes that he will in fact come back.

Unfortunately, since his phone is tuned off and his location unknown, there isn’t much more that can be done from this angle. Even more disturbing is the fact that there has been no contact from any other family members, even after the story was spread so far on social media.

Thankfully, she didn’t have to wait for them, as SRV Hospital‘s chief intensivist, Dr. Dipendra Tripathi took it upon himself to resolve her case, going as far as to sign a personal bond accepting complete responsibility for her care.

That enabled the police to give an NOC to the hospital, so that she could be shifted to the old age home. Apart from the doctor, the hospital itself waived off part of the bill, while the rest was paid by the combined contributions of another patient of the hospital, film maker Ashoke Pandit and some other contributors.

Even after all this, her story is still incomplete, and we can only hope that the conclusion would be more favorable than the beginning. So, what do you think about her story?

Let us known in the comments so that maybe some good ideas could actually be discussed that can benefit her and even other women who are in similar situations but don’t have the media spotlight.