Star Kids who committed suicide!


Some are born to live in the limelight, some wish, and dream of living in the limelight and then there are those who are born in limelight but they wished to be different!

Living under a shadow, took their life!

Asha Bhosle’s daughter Varsha Bhosle

Varsha Bhosle attempted suicide few times in her life, she was in depression post her divorce. In 2012 she shot herself in the head.

Jagjit Singh’s daughter Monika Chaudhary

In 2009, Jagjit Singh’s step-daughter, Monika Chaudhary hung herself from the ceiling fan. Apparently, after two failed marriages, depression got on to her and forced her to take the extreme step.

Kabir Bedi’s son Siddharth Bedi

Siddharth Bedi, Kabir Bedi’s son, committed suicide at the young age of 26. He was suffering from schizophrenia. He was working for an MNC in the USA.