“Salman and I will be a lethal combination” says director producer Rohit Shetty


Rohit Shetty has always made us laugh with his movies whether it is the Golmaal series or films like Chennai Express. He tickles us every now and then.

In a recent interview he answered a few questions regarding some of his projects and his wishes!

When asked You came out with the second and third installment in two years interval, what took you seven years to come up with Golmaal 4? And why did you make it as a horror comedy?

He answered “We cracked the idea during Golmaal 3, but we couldn’t crack it on the level we wanted to. We had the basic idea but then we started making Singham, Bol Bachchan, Chennai Express and all other films. During Singham Returns, we felt that there is a need to revisit Golmaal again. We started working on it and it took around two to three years for it to get made. The film was always planned as a horror comedy. There hasn’t been a big cast horror comedy and it works. Down south, off late there have been a lot of successful horror comedies. This is a genre not explored much over here and I think it would work. The positive response that our promo got is probably because of the horror elements.

What’s happening with Ram Lakhan 2.0?

We wrote a draft, but I want two big heroes to do the film. As I got busy with Golmaal, that one has been kept in the back-burner. Someday, I will make that film. I have the Angoor remake as well in my kitty.”

Will there be a Golmaal 5?

It all depends on Friday. If people like Golmaal Again, there will definitely be a Golmaal 5. I think, Golmaal Again is in a good space and as a director, I have seen the film, it is in a happy space. The Golmaal audience will enjoy the film. This is something I am confident about. I think kids are the biggest audience for my films and that’s an audience base I don’t want to disappoint.

On asking “would he like to direct Salman Khan?”

He replied “You are the 10,000th person who is saying that you guys should do a film together. Everybody says that Salman and I would make a lethal combination but I am waiting for the right script. The day I get a right script, I would work with him. He is such a big star.

We sure hope to see you and Salman working together soon!