Salman Khan’s mother Salma Khan is a fan of this Bigg Boss 11 contestant!


Bigg Boss 11 is approaching towards its end, the show started in October 2017. Salman Khan the host of Bigg Boss 11 has a favorite in the Bigg Boss house! Do you know who?

It’s Shilpa Shinde! Yes, on many occasions Salman has expressed his thoughts about how strong Shilpa is and how well she has been playing. No doubts, Shilpa is the strongest contender for the Bigg Boss 11 trophy! But not only Salman, someone else in his family is also a supporter and a fan of Shilpa Shinde.

It is Salma Khan, Salman’s mother who thinks Shilpa Shinde should be the one who brings the trophy home, she is very fond of her. A source close to Salman said, “Salman’s mother is really impressed by Shilpa. She wants her to take the trophy home.”

The grand finale of Bigg Boss will be held on 14th January, and it is going to be very entertaining. All the contestants will be back again on the Bigg Boss 11 and some will be performing too!

Akash Dadlani was the last contestant who was evicted, and now Shilpa, Vikas, Hina, and Puneesh are the ones left in the race!