10 things you didn’t know about Salman Khan!


Let’s uncover Salman Khan a little bit more! We bet you didn’t know these things about him!

While filming Salaam-e-Ishq, director Nikhil Advani looked at the monitor and screamed, “Ok Shah Rukh, ready…”. While over a 100 junior artistes and the crew froze in fear, Salman quipped, “Ready Karan, let’s shoot!”

In 1998, an awards jury wanted to give Salman the ‘Best Supporting Actor’ award, passing over Manoj Bajpayee for Satya. Salman turned it down, arguing that Manoj deserved it.

When the heroine of one of his films was dating another leading man, Salman pulled a prank by parking himself outside her hotel room with a few crew members and made suggestive noises.

Sallu extends schedules by a day and sometimes a week if he is told that the light men and spot boys on set do not have another film starting immediately.

Salman directors have to convince him to give re-takes. If he is convinced (like he was during Sultan) he will do up to 50.

His poison is rum. He doesn’t drink anything else.

Salman never turns down women in need of employment and makes sure to check up on them after they land on their feet.

When producers are unable to get shooting permissions in Gulf countries, Salman bails them out by ringing Sheikhs and government officials in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Oman, to sort it out.

During Sultan, Salman made sure that Ali Abbas Zafar counted four hours of his gym time as part of the film’s shooting schedule every day. So he shot for only five hours a day.

Salman’s films need a minimum of a four to six camera set-up because he prefers not giving multiple takes.