Salman Khan’s gesture for Indian athletes who participated in Olympics is amazing!


Salman Khan is a true example of a man who shows respect, care, and appreciation. Being the Super Star of the country he sure has many responsibilities, but he never backs down from them, no matter how hard it gets. The same thing happened during 2016 Olympics.

Salman Khan was selected as the goodwill ambassador for the Rio 2016 Olympics. But the Sports Federation was criticized and Salman was called incompetent to represent something as prestigious as the Olympiads.

We felt proud of P.V. Sindhu winning India’s first Silver medal in Badminton and Sakshi Malik winning a Bronze in Wrestling.

Moving on from the controversies and criticism Salman Khan motivated and encouraged the Indian athletes by presenting each of them with a prize of Rs 1,01,000.

He announced it on Twitter by tweeting “As a gesture of appreciation for our Olympic athletes, I will present each one with a cheque of Rs1,01,000.”

Salman said, ‘The government is very supportive of sports. Each of us can also do our bit to encourage a sports nation.’

We are really proud of what you did Salman!