Salman Khan To Return Money To Distributors Over Tubelight’s Poor Performance

Salman Tubelight

Over the years, Salman Khan and his films have made Eid a great holiday for film distributors in India. There is generally so much anticipation over how much money his films will make, that distributors have bidding wars for the rights.

It was a similar scene in the case of his latest project, Tubelight. But even though the distributors paid hefty amounts for the rights, it seems that this year Eid wasn’t as prosperous as they hoped for.

In fact, the performance was so poor that it is being reported that the distributors will be incurring crores in losses. Scared of this outcome, the distributors have decided to go to Salman for help.

Salman being the reliable star that he is these days has also decided to help them bear the losses they have incurred due to poor box office performance of the film.

In fact a source was quoted as saying, “Distributors will meet Salim Khan today to discuss the matter. Salim saab and Salman are contemplating returning nearly Rs 50-55 crore to them so that they don’t bear the brunt much.”

This is a quite generous move on the part of the actor. What are your views on this though. Do you agree that actors should pay for their flops? Or is this the kind of risk distributors should be grown up enough to take? Tell us in the comments.