Ranveer Singh was asked to leave the sets for ogling at Raveena Tandon (PHOTO)


Ranveer Singh once landed up on the sets of a film starring Akshay Kumar and Raveena Tandon. The two actors were shooting a rain song De Diya from the movie Keemat. We all know how stunning Raveena Tandon looks and her chemistry with Akshay Kumar was unmatched.

Anyways so Ranveer’s cousin had flown from Canada and wanted to meet Akshay Kumar. Ranveer’s father had to make some calls before this adventure trip could be arranged.

This was during Ranveer’s school days. So when he reached the set, Raveena who was in her white wet saree, had someone ogling at her. It was Ranveer Singh whose jaws had literally dropped looking at her. Later on things became quite awkward as it obviously made Raveena uncomfortable and ordered the security to take him away.

Ranveer was in tears when he was asked to leave the sets. Akshay Kumar happened to see all this and went towards Ranveer Singh to cheer him up. He tapped his back and complimented him on his haircut. Ranveer was so impressed that the star’s humble nature that he thought he wants to be like him when he grows up. The same day, he took a picture with Akshay Kumar which he recently shared on social media.