Namaste London Sequel Will Have Arjun Kapoor In Leading Role

Namaste London Sequel With Arjun Kapoor

Namaste London is a 10 year film. Isn’t it amazing how one short sentence can make you feel so old. It feels like just yesterday when Akshay Kumar wowed us with his portrayal of a desi romeo. But now it seems enough time has passed for him to pass the torch forward.

The person who’s going to be taking the torch from him, is none other than Bollywood’s favorite North Indian character actor, Arjun Kapoor. We can say this with complete confidence, as he has proven time and time again, that there’s noone better than him when it comes to playing North Indian guys.

Perhaps this is the reason why the film makers were so confident that he should carry the story forward. Which in itself is a huge risk, as Akshay Kumar is still a big star and is still making films. So it would certainly be awkward to see someone else step into the role.

A source close to the movie revealed more about the casting choice. “Arjun was keen because the franchise (Namaste London) provides a unique perspective on how Indians are looked at internationally and vice versa. But he wanted to make sure that Akshay had no problems about the franchise moving forward without him, before signing on the dotted line. Last month, Akshay and Vipul who have been close friends and have collaborated on a dozen films over the last two decades, mutually agreed to go ahead with Arjun. The film will roll early 2018 and like the original, will be shot in Punjab and the UK.”

This will certainly make for an unexpected and hopefully entertaining change. We’ll have to see who will replace Katrina Kaif before we can make any further comments on the movie. What do you think about this casting choice? Do you want Akshay to be back instead? Tell us in the comments.