Movies Based On Mahabharata Will Have Biggest Budget In Indian Film History


The success of the Baahubali franchise seems to have ignited the race to make the biggest movie spectacles in Indian film history. The latest contender for this throne is the upcoming movie franchise based on the Mahabharata.
This franchise is being backed by UAE based Indian businessman by the name of BR Shelby. Mr Shelby is ready to invest $150 million in the film franchise, which will be divided into two parts, just like Baahubali.
This figure has already set the record for being the most expensive movie franchise in Indian history.
To ensure a healthy return for this investment, the films will be released in 3 different languages i.e Malayalam, English and Hindi.
By doing so, they are also paving the way for the unification of Bollywood and the South Indian film industry, which was started by Baahubali.
It seems like such a big deal that even the Prime Minister wrote a letter to Mr. Shetty, giving support for the project and it’s link to Indian mythology.
I’m sure after hearing all these details, you would be dying to see the movie. Unfortunately you’ll have to wait quite some time as the film is yet to start shooting.
Accordingly to sources, the filming will actually start next year in May and will be complete in one go. This is being done with the specific goal of reducing the time between the release of both movies to just 100 days.
We’ll just have to accept the fact that we have to wait till 2020 before that happens. Tell us, how excited are you about this franchise, and which actors would you like to play various roles in it?