Krushna Abhishek Talks About His Rivalry With Kapil Sharma And His Upcoming Show

Krushna VS Kapil

It wasn’t that long ago when Krushna replaced Kapil Sharma’s show on Colors with his Comedy Night Live. Unfortunately for him, the show didn’t do so well and went off the air soon.

The success of The Kapil Sharma Show on Sony made sure that we didn’t miss the actor/comedian much. Thankfully for him though, the spat between Kapil and Sunil Grover has given him a new chance for a comeback.

This comeback comes in the form of a new show called The Drama Company that will start on Sony TV from July 15. In fact, it will be placed in the 8PM slot, which is directly before TKSS.

In addition, the biggest thing about the show is the fact that almost all ex-members of Kapil’s show (Ali Asghar, Sugandha Mishra, Dr Sanket Bhosle) will be in it. The fact that the show is also being produced by Kapil’s ex-girlfriend Preeti Simoes is just the icing of the proverbial cake.

Seeing so many convinent coincidences in favour of Krushna, really gives off a bad vibe for Kapil’s fate. Since it seems like the channel is pitting the two talented comedians against each other.

Krushna, however doesn’t agree with this completely. In his own words, “People have always pitted us against each other. Our popularity and our careers are linked in some way. Kapil and I are like Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan of TV. But unlike these superstars, we are not friends. We don’t talk to each other, but when we do, we respect each other. One should appreciate talent, and we are both very talented. I am waiting for the day when we both get an opportunity to work together. There is no competition with Kapil, but now that Ali and others are in my show, people will link it to Kapil again, saying they left him to join me. But this is just a coincidence.”

This statement really leaves us confused, as on one hand Krushna admits to not being friends with Kapil. At the same time he expresses respect for Kapil as well, even as he steals half his cast and his ex girlfriend as well.

We still don’t know know if this experiment will be successful. It could quite easily go the direction of previous endeavors made by Krushna. But what we all can agree on, is the fact that this is a battle for best ratings.

The Kapil Sharma Show is already struggling to maintain theirs, even since the departure of Sunil Grover and friends. Even Krushna realizes this, “There will be a race for ratings. Our shows will air back-to-back. Both of us will try to give our best to our shows, and we will give tough competition to Kapil. We are bit scared, but are working hard to deliver quality product.”

So, what do you think of this new show and it’s chances against TKSS? Tell us in the comments.