Katrina copies Salman playfully!


Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif performed at the opening ceremony of Indian Super League (ISL) 2017 in Kochi for promotions of their upcoming movie “Tiger Zinda Hai” being released on December 22.

Both stars gave an excellent and energized performance, but the best thing happened when they were waving at the crowd.

Katrina is seen walking behind the superstar Khan as the two wave hands to their fans after the ceremony concluded. While walking she imitated Salman’s walk in a playful manner.

She shared the funny video on her Instagram account from the ISL of the same.

Both always have the best things to say about each other. In an interview Salman said “I’ve had a great time working with Katrina Kaif. She’s lovely. She’s worked so hard in the film that I feel… uff. She’s like a humma. She keeps on working, working and working. So when you will actually see the action sequences, she has done it like on a different level altogether. She has done most her stuff by herself and kind of risky stuff as well.”

When Katrina was asked about Salman she said “it is hard to explain, and it’s something that doesn’t need to be verbalised beyond a point.”

Well, aren’t they the cutest.