Kapil Sharma Admitted To Hospital, Shooting For Show Canceled


Today, Kapil Sharma fans received yet another shock when it was discovered that the famous comedian had been admitted to a city hospital due to blood pressure related concerns.

The issue came to light when the actor was shooting with actor Paresh Rawal for an upcoming episode of The Kapil Sharma Show to promote the new film, Guest Iin London.

During the filming of the show, the actor complained of uneasiness and was immediately taken to a hospital in Andheri. This lead to the cancellation of the shooting, even though sources close to the actor say that he will be back soon to finish the episode.

This isn’t the first time that the comedian has been in the news for unfavorable reasons. In fact, people are speculating that the source of this uneasiness came from the now infamous Airline Incident, which led to the show losing most of it’s talented cast.

The negative publicity from that incident, combined with the pressures of replacing the cast, as well as keeping the content fresh, is what seems to have finally caught up with the comedian.

We just hope that Kapil is able to recover from his troubles soon, otherwise this latest incident might become the final nail in the coffin of a show that seems to have already lost most of it’s charm.

Now that you know about the latest development in this twisted tale, we want to know what you think of the whole thing. Do you want Kapil to return to the show soon, or would you rather that he leave it alone and let it die with dignity.

Keep in mind though, that an artist of his caliber will have no trouble in getting a new show, with perhaps a fresher format, and hopefully less cross dressing.

So whatever your views, tell us about them in the comments, along with what new type of show would you like to see from Kapil.