Kabali first day collections – Real or hyped? Trade analysts decode the truth


A day after the release of Rajinikant starrer Kabali, there were reports of the film having made Rs 100 crores on day one. According to The Economic Times, Rajinikanth’s Kabali reportedly collected a record Rs 250 crore on its first day. An industry source says these figures are grossly inflated.

A statement was circulated by the producers claiming that the film has earned Rs 250 crore, which includes Rs 100 crore from Tamil Nadu and Rs 150 crore from outside India’. The B-O figures (approx) are: All India (four languages) + overseas = Rs 89.4 crore. But everyone seems to have bought the lies. Often, the producers send out inflated figures and the media carries it without checking the facts. Also, the figures are being compared to those of Aamir Khan and Salman Khan-starrers, which isn’t fair because in Tamil Nadu, films are tax-free, so tickets are cheaper, because of which audiences go to see the film in large numbers.

After Hrs spoke to a few trade analysts about the first day figures of Kabali. Here’s what the experts had to say…

Producers release hyped B-O figures for psychological reasons…

— Atul Mohan

The South market trade is very different from the North. In all the languages it has made Rs 45 crore (approx) on the first day. Overseas, it has made $3 million dollars (the fourth highest ever). Will the film sustain? Only Rajinikanth can answer that. While the reviews have been bad, it’s still better than his last two releases. Kabali is more like his earlier films like Pasha which he used to do 30 years back — typical Rajinikanth style. The film may or may not sustain because of its emotional content. I don’t see it falling. It had already made huge money on endorsements and digitals — Rs 125 crore. The film’s budget is Rs 85 crore (approx). Producers release hyped B-O figures for psychological reasons. It impacts the audience minds and they feel if the B-O figures are so good, the film must be good, too, and go to watch it. Thus, these figures can influence the paying audience.

One doesn’t know where these inflated figures of Rs 250 crore has come from.

— Amod Mehra

It has made Rs 46 crore in India, out of which Rs 21 crore has come from Chennai. Kabali has made Rs 54 crore worldwide. In Malayalam, the film has done close to Rs 2 crore (approx) in and in the Hindi version, it has not done well. Looking at the trend, Fox Star Studios will lose money. One doesn’t know where these inflated figures of Rs 250 crore have come from. Who’s going to check the box-office figures in India? That is why producers give out such inflated numbers. The film has no chance of sustaining as it’s a very bad, amateurishly-made film, all to do with Malaysia. Rajinikanth may be God for the South and overseas but in the North, he’s just another other actor.

Rs 46 crore on day one

— Amul Mohan

The box office collections of Kabali were Rs 46 crore in India (approx) which was the highest day of any film ever and beat Baahubali. It has also registered the highest weekend as it had made Rs 109 crore till now. Kabali has made a huge killing in the South, especially in Tamil Nadu where it is tax free. There are different figures floating around ranging from Rs 100-250 crore because the film has done well overseas, especially in USA where it made 2 million dollars on the first day. But these figures are over-hyped with some Rajinikanth fans also coming into play. But having said that though the word-of-mouth hasn’t been good the film is still doing tremendous business and that’s because of the star power of Rajinikanth. The reviews haven’t been good so now we will know whether it will sustain or not. I don’t know why producers hype the BO figures, but the trend is becoming lesser now as there’s more transparency because of the fans of rival stars who give out accurate figures.

They are trying to fool the public and themselves with such hyped figures

— Komal Nahta

The figure shared by the production of Rs 250 crore on day one is not the collections. It comprises all the money they made on the film —they sold the film in different territories — they totalled everything including satellite recovery. The film won’t sustain in Hindi though the Tamil version may for a couple of weeks. People have not rejected Kabali like his past two films including Linga and Kochadaiiyan. In Hindi Kabali made Rs 4.25 crore on the first day. I don’t think hyping box office collections will help the film’s collections in any way. It’s an ego trip the filmmakers are on. Will anybody ever go to see a film that’s bad, but claim to have made Rs 100 crore. They are trying to fool the public and themselves with such hyped figures.

The Rs 250 crore figure is far-fetched and insane

—Rajesh Thadani (distributor)

In all the languages the film has made Rs 48 crore net. The Rs 250 crore is far-fetched and insane. You are making a fool of yourself to inflate to such an extent. It’s possible to attain the Rs 100-crore mark though. I don’t think the film will sustain. It’s not Sultan, which maintained it’s first four days and then collections were steady. For Kabali the reviews are bad so there may be a drop this week. The Rajini fever is bound to ebb. The overall figure over the weekend didn’t rise much from the first day. Everyone floats these hyped numbers today. Nobody knows where they come from. Maybe it’s the aura of Rajinikanth or maybe it’s his fans.