Deepika’s Hottest Woman Of The Year Photoshoot With Maxim


After Priyanka Chopra, if any other actress has received the love and adoration of fans for their work in both India and abroad, it has to be Deepika Padukone.
This professional rivalry of their took a new height this year, when they both duked it out in their own Hollywood franchises (Baywatch & XXX).
But now, it seems that the sports personality, turned model, turned actress has gained the upper edge in the battle.
This edge comes from her recent win of becoming the Hottest Woman In India, as made official by Maxim India.
The title is part of a survey that Maxim magazine takes each year to determine who the fans really think is the hottest. Deepika not only beat Priyanka, but also 98 other stunningly beautiful women.
To celebrate this feat, Deepika did a photoshoot with Maxim, which showcases the sexy and sensual side of the actress.
Thankfully for us, Maxim India was great enough to share a sneak peak of the shoot on twitter.

After seeing these pics, it’s no wonder that Deepika won the contest. Tell us, what do you think of the side of her, in the comments below.