Dangal Set To Cross 1000 Crores In China This Weekend


Over the years, Aamir Khan has built a reputation of creating amazing movies that tell complex stories in simple ways. The latest example of this is the now world renowned sports biopic, Dangal.

We already know how this film has touched the hearts of people all around India, with it’s stark and unapologetic portrayal of rural life and the pressures that women are put through.

But what has been more surprising is the response that this film has gotten from audiences abroad, particularly China. Released in the territory just 27 days ago, the film has already swept the country with it’s charm.

So much so that the current box office collection of Dangal in the Chinese market is Rs. 992.14 crores. Now that’s really putting your money where your mouth is.

The great thing about spreading this news now, is that this weekend will see this film crossing the 1000 crore mark in China, a feat that not a lot of Indian movies have had the pleasure to achieve.

The success of this movie is a definite sign that the world is ready to take Indian cinema seriously, and we can’t wait to see what we do next to top this success story.

Dangal China First Month Collection

Day 1 Rs. 14.67 Crore

Day 2 Rs. 30.30 Crore

Day 3 Rs. 35.86 Crore

Day 4 Rs. 37.23 Crore

Day 5 Rs. 22.74 Crore

Day 6 Rs. 21.94 Crore

Day 7 Rs. 25.08 Crore

Day 8 Rs. 39.66 Crore

Day 9 Rs. 88.94 Crore

Day 10 Rs. 81.46 Crore

Day 11 Rs. 31.64 Crore

Day 12 Rs. 104.16 Crore

Day 13 Rs. 26.90 Crore

Day 14 Rs. 24.30 Crore

Day 15 Rs. 38.61 Crore

Day 16 Rs. 104.16 Crore

Day 17 Rs. 74.97 Crore

Day 18 Rs. 21.90 Crore

Day 19 Rs. 19.93 Crore

Day 20 Rs. 17.62 Crore

Day 21 Rs. 16.21 Crore

Day 22 Rs. 12.13 Crore

Day 23 Rs. 18.32 Crore

Day 24 Rs. 42.03 Crore

Day 25 Rs. 52.05 Crore

Day 26 Rs. 40.92 Crore

Day 27 Rs. 11.34 Crore