Anushka Sharma Reveals First Poster For Her Film Pari


Anushka Sharma has slowly and steadily solidified her status as a bankable actress in Bollywood. Not only that, she also has her very own production house, which was responsible for movies like NH10 and Philauri.

This shows a great quality of foresight from the actress, who it seems wants to be independent from the struggle of dealing with other
production houses. This gives her a degree of independence that is highly coveted in the industry.

As she has the freedom to choose which project she wants to put her money in. Projects that generally don’t get picked since they are too different from the norm. It’s a similar case with her upcoming movie called Pari.

Pari is a yet unknown entity. All we know is that the movie has something to do with the horror/thriller genre. How far does it swerve in the given spectrum is anyone’s guess.

But to make it easier for you to speculate, Anushka has revealed the first poster for her film. In this poster you not only see her haggard look, but also the marks on the feet that indicate that she was held captive for some time.

Whether the movie is about her captivity or her escape is anyone’s guess at this point. All we can do is wait and see what the trailer holds for us.

Tell us what you think of this poster? What kind of story do you think Pari has? Reveal your answers in the comments.