Amazing facts about Salman Khan – Katrina Kaif starrer Ek Tha Tiger!


Every film has a story to tell, onscreen and off-screen both. So many things happen during the shoot of these entertainers that we have no idea about!

But we have brought you some interesting facts about Salman Khan – Katrina Kaif starrer Ek Tha Tiger!

Ek Tha Tiger was Salman Khan’s first movie under Yash Raj banner.

For the action scenes in the movie Hollywood action director, Conrad Palmisano was roped in to train Katrina and Salman for the daredevil stunts.

While doing the action scenes Salman Khan was suffering from a nerve disorder and he was in real pain. Kabir Khan and team were fortunate enough to get some genuine expressions that show the actor in deep pain.

Ek Tha Tiger is the first film which was shot in Cuba.

Yash Raj wanted to take Shah Rukh Khan but unfortunately, it couldn’t happen and Shah Rukh turned down the offer due to lack of dates.


At the time of shooting in Turkey Salman and the crew used to hang out at Cafe Del Mar and it became their favorite hangout spot. After the shoot got over the cafe gained popularity and it was even called Salman Khan’s Cafe.

An important action sequence was shot in the film at Zakho, North Iraq but due to gunfire, snipers at that location picked up the sound and four helicopters were sent to the spot and an alert was declared. There was a lot of confusion and the entire unit was lying on the ground later the local authorities were called to inform NATO know that it was just a film shoot. Soon after that, the film’s shoot resumed.