5 Easy steps to look like Salman Khan!

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Salman Khan has been a style icon for almost 3 decades! The star never fails to impress us with his striking style!

So here are 5 steps to get that cool “Salman Khan” look!

  1. A nice pair of jeans!

Salman Khan is in love with jeans! Yes, the actor likes the attire so much that he wears it almost every time and everywhere!

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2. Being Human T-shirt!

Get a nice Being Human T-shirt! Salman is always spotted wearing T-shirts of his very own brand “Being Human”. The best part is that the money will go to charity!

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3. Shades!

Yes! This is an essential one! Being a celebrity and always being chased by paparazzi is stressful, and nice shades can give you a little bit of comfort! And also it will splendidly add on to the look!

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4. Turquoise Bracelet!

Salman Khan has never been spotted without his bracelet, apart from the movies! Even his dad Salim Khan wears the same kind of bracelet!

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5. Attitude!

Don’t forget that kickass attitude! Be cool, be rough, and be respectful!

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