Vidya Balan Speaks Up About Body Shaming


Vidya Balan has been in the industry since a long time. She hasn’t just been in the industry like all the other actresses. She has been bold enough to take up challenging roles. Be it the Dirty Picture or Kahaani, she has never shy away.

Like every success comes with a little hatred, she had her share, too. It hasn’t been easy for her. People body shamed her and said she wasn’t worth it. Taking all the negativity positively, she has replied all the haters with grace. She said, “It’s my body, I love my body. It doesn’t matter what people say. Different people will have different things to say. If I look into the mirror and I am happy with what I am wearing, I would just step out. And then I don’t care about what anyone has to say about it.Over the course of time, I have realized that you can’t please everyone. The world out there will never be happy with you, so you may as well be happy with yourself.”

Talking about how she keeps herself sane, she said, “The fact that I don’t follow any of the entertainment portals, channels, news or fashion blogs, I don’t watch any of it, neither do I listen to it on radio… I think it really helps retain my sanity. Even on Twitter, I am very selective and don’t follow random people. Once in a while when I feel like interacting, I chat on Twitter. Otherwise, I am largely posting pictures on Instagram.”