Shilpa Shinde requested people to forgive Kapil Sharma!

09 Apr 2018 @ 16:31

Kapil Sharma’s rant on twitter became the talk of the town a few days ago, when the comedian abused a few people on the micro blogging site. Kapil was upset on a journalist and it reflected his state of mind.

The tweets were later deleted but Kapil again tweeted that it was his team who took the step to delete the tweets but not him.

Now Shilpa Shinde has come out in his support. The Bigg Boss 11 winner took it to Instagram and shared her views. She wrote “Abusing someone is certainly incorrect but he must be really in a bad situaton. Every artist knows how that journalist kitne torture karke sawal karte hai. Request to all artist, please share your experience. Jago artist Jago. Kuch toh problem jarur hai varna itna talented artist ye sub nahi bol/kar sakta. We all are human, galati kise nahi hota gali kon nahi deta. Chadhte Suraj Ko sab Salam Karte Hai. Pichala respect karke just forgive him. Very humble request to all media people. We need to give him some space.”

We hope the matter sorts out soon!



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