Shah Rukh Khan Remembers His Director Colonel Raj Kapoor Who Made Him A “Fauji” In A Heart Felt Post!

15 Apr 2019 @ 15:48

Shah Rukh Khan is one of the biggest stars of Bollywood, but there was a time when no one knew his name and was just another struggler looking for a break in the film and television industry. His story is a true rag to riches story slapping the face of nepotism. The actor became a known face when he appeared on the show “Fauji” in 1989 as Lt Abhimanyu Rai. The golden opportunity was presented to him by director Colonel Raj Kapoor.

On April 10th, Shah Rukh received heart-wrenching news, the man who made him “Fauji”, who gave him the platform to prove his worth has passed away. Colonel Raj Kapoor’s children shared a post on Facebook writing, “This is to inform you that our beloved Dad, Raj Kumar Kapoor (Colonel), has left his earthly body to go on a brand new adventure.”

As soon as Shah Rukh got to know about it, he shared his feelings on Twitter paying a tribute to him. He wrote, “He loved me so much, and encouraged me. And today, if I am used to being mollycoddled on sets, it’s because of this man who made a ‘Fauji’ out of a boy, like his own. I will miss you, Sir… always. May you find peace in your new mission.”

Replying to Shah Rukh’s tweet, filmmaker Shekhar Kapoor remembered the time he met Shah Rukh for the first time with Colonel. He tweeted, “Yes, I remember well the day the ‘Colonel’ brought you to my house during Faujj. ‘Watch this young man’ He said. And he was so right. What a wonderful compassionate man “.

Shah Rukh replied back by tweeting, “And he was so jovial. Somehow in the midst of all stresses, he had a way that could make u smile away your troubles. One of those people u assumed will never leave your side cos he was so full of life.”

May you rest in peace, sir!


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