Salman’s wedding connection with Nov 18

23 Jul 2016 @ 13:06

It appears to be unimaginable for Salman Khan to avoid questions about his wedding, regardless of where he goes. Yet, when he was posed the question recently at a ceremony to launch Sania Mirza’s autobiography, he shot back: ‘November 18’.

So why November 18? Surprisingly, it is the date Salman has decided for his shaadi right from his childhood. It’s the date Salim Khan (Salman’s dad and author) wedded Salma (Salman’s mom). From the time Salman was young he determined this was the day he would get married.

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Clarifying the same, Salman himself said, “Ye 18 November kuch bees pachees Novembers se chal raha hai… pata nahi kaunse saal may hota hai, lekin hoga.”

A friend of Salman told , “We have gotten no hint of a wedding. Also, we won’t either. As far back as his wedding to Sangeeta Bijalani was cancelled after all the customs were done, Salman has been somewhat superstitious about declaring his wedding. In this way, when it happens, I’m certain it will happen out of nowhere. I think we’ll be asked to get prepared within an hour for the marriage.”

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