Priyanka’s New Year’s Resolution Will Surprise You!


The New Year has started and all the stars are busy making their new year’s resolutions. Priyanka Chopra who took a break and was in India since quite some time also decided to change a few things in her day-to-day life!

She said, “My goal for 2017 is to do something that I have never done before. I always make resolutions and I always break them but this time I have decided that I am going to get healthy. The world has a misconception that I am a super healthy person… the truth is I drink 25 cups of coffee a day, I eat all kinds of rubbish food, I have no time, I sleep for like four hours. So this year I am going to get healthy, I am gonna workout, I am gonna eat the right food, I am going to treat my body well, I am gonna sleep eight hours.”

She even laughed at the end saying, “ask me on the third of January how is my resolution going”.