Om Swami Thrown Out Of The Bigg Boss House After Peeing On Bani And Rohan


Yes, you read that right. Priyanka Jagga and Om Swami had a good pairing and we all know Priyanka Jagga was kicked out because of the bad behavior. Looks like Om Swami didn’t take his lessons.

Recently, Bani and Om Swami were the contenders of the captaincy task. Both of them were asked to keep their pyramids safe and the contestants would ruin the pyramids of the contestant who they don’t want to see as a captain. Om Swami being Om Swami, decided to ruin the task, once again. This time, he crossed all limits.

He threw the pee on Bani and Rohan. Later, Manu and Rohan pushed him in the jail and locked him there. Bani took off her t-shirt as it had pee on it. Later Om Swami was thrown out of the house.

Do you think it was a fair judgement by Bigg Boss?