Kids danced on “Sajan Radio” and welcomed Salman Khan to FM Radio City’s office!

11 Apr 2018 @ 18:08

Salman Khan was invited as a guest at FM Radio City’s Office, and he was welcomed in a unique way that touched Salman’s heart. As soon as he entered the office a group of kids started dancing to the tune of Sajan Radio from Salman’s film Tubelight.

The kids created a very happy mood and made the star feel more comfortable and glad. Sohail Khan was also present at the event and was enjoying the performance too. He was also very happy with the response he was getting. Salman later joined in and did a few steps from the song which encouraged the kids even more.

The star later shared greetings with the kids and clicked photographs with them. We were able to see how happy Salman was watching the kids performing on his sog, if you want to experience that too, just watch the video below!

Video Courtesy – Radio City India – Youtube

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