Katrina Kaif Ignored A Little Boy, But Salman Gave Him An Autograph!

16 Apr 2018 @ 15:49

Salman Khan takes care of his family, friends and even his fans. He never does anything that’ll make his fans feel sad. He tries to keep them happy as much as possible. And he proved it when a little fan was ignored by Katrina Kaif, but not by Salman.

Salman and Katrina were travelling together and were at the airport when a little boy came close to the stars holding a pen and a notepad waiting to get an autograph, Katrina walked past him just keeping her hand on his head as a gesture, but Salman saw the little boy holding the pen. He walked towards him, took the notepad and the pen gave him an autograph and blessed him.

The little boy was maybe too young to know whom he just met, but his excitement was clearly seen on his face. He was very happy. Salman then left with Katrina to catch the flight, but he gave the little boy a lovely memory for the rest of his life.

See the video here!

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