Karan Johar Asked Varun Dhawan, Should Katrina Kaif Marry Salman Khan?

06 Nov 2018 @ 13:54

Koffee With Karan’s sixth season is making a great buzz in the B-Town, the celebs are revealing their secrets on it and we are having a great time knowing all the juicy gossips. The recent episode featured Katrina Kaif and Varun Dhawan as the guest and boy do they had fun.

Karan and Varun taught how to do a high five in a unique way, instead of using their hands, they used their feet! Praising them for looking good together, Karan asked Katrina that since she is single, has she considered Varun as an option. Cringing and laughing on the question she gave no answer, but her reaction said a lot. Karan asked Varun, should Katrina marry Salman Khan. Well, that answer is worth a lot we guess!

The show also revealed the reason behind Varun Dhawan’s ‘I Hate Katrina’ club. Discovering the real reason for the formation of the club, Katrina said in shock, “This is all about Salman’s attention. I have got this all wrong. I thought they had a hate club for me since I didn’t give them attention.”

During the show, Varun expressed an urge to pee in the middle of a conversation, his reply to Karan Johar’s objection turned out to be epic as he reacts, “Do classy people don’t pee?”

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