“It Destroyed Me”- Sunny Leone On Working In ‘Karenjit Kaur-The Untold Story Of Sunny Leone’

10 Apr 2019 @ 15:54

Sunny Leone is a well-known name on Bollywood. The actress has made her place in the industry and has a successful graph. Not just career-wise, Sunny is also happy with her personal life. The actress is a mother of three children, daughter Nisha and sons Asher and Noah. Recently in an interview, she opened up about her professional as well as personal life.

The actress in a web series which was based on her real-life story, ‘Karenjit Kaur – The Untold Story Of Sunny Leone’, when she was asked about her experience on working in it, she said it destroyed her. “Of course, it brought back all those memories because the stories that I told are real. They are stories, incidents and things that actually did happen. So it was really difficult to shoot this. It wasn’t easy at all. The second season, it just destroyed me, emotionally it destroyed me. So took me a while to come out of that”.

Talking about her husband Daniel Webber she said, “I think one year in a marriage and it is a good healthy relationship, then, of course, you fall on each other for everything. We did business together, so it’s a very different type of relationship. He is so incredibly intelligent and amazing at the business that I can say, ‘Daniel I want to create a cosmetic line’ and he says, ‘okay let’s do it’. Then he puts the puzzle pieces together and I’m the creative side. So it is definitely a collaborated thing between me and Daniel and our entire team. It is like a nice synergy that we have between the creative side and business side and how he handles everything. He handles so many things, he wears many hats. He handles our production house, he handles me, our children, our household. You just name it and he is a part of it and doing it. We have an amazing team that also helps out but he is the final stock when things need to be done. It’s amazing how much he handles. I don’t think I give him enough credit, maybe I’ll do that when I go home.”

She also shared a few cutest moments with her children, “this morning Nisha (her daughter) was feeding the boys, it is so adorable. She was like, “Noah open your mouth”.  And then she fed Asher after. It’s beyond precious to watch like your little girl feeding the boys and they are responding and eating. Asher wasn’t eating so she (Nisha) stepped in, sat on the chair and then Asher was happily eating. They weren’t eating from me, but they were eating for her. But then that’s fine because it really helps her being involved with her brothers. She loves them and they adore her. Noah’s first move every single morning is to walk to Nisha’s room and goes ‘Didi’. Then we have to tell him that ‘She is sleeping. she went nini’. Then he will walk away. Every single day he walks straight to her room and it is so cute.”

Well, that’s just adorable!

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