IPS Officer Basant Nath Took A Dig On Salman Khan’s Driving Skills!

11 Jan 2019 @ 11:14

IPS officer Basant Nath who is known for his straightforward and incisive posts on social media talked about his journey from small-town boy to Jammu and Kashmir top cop at an event. He shared about his early days and humble beginning, “I used to wear Bata slippers that were for Rs 18-20. I used to stammer till my masters.”

He shared that he didn’t know how to speak English until he was 22. Then he landed up in Jawaharlal Nehru University and brushed up his English skills. Being a late bloomer never struck down his confidence. According to him, learning English is like the skill of walking.”English is like walking. When you are born you don’t know how to walk, you learn it” he said.

He emphasized on a major issue of perception, he said that knowing English doesn’t make one a better person. Teaching the lesson of great importance he added, “No matter how much English Salman Khan speaks in, he will still be a bad driver…[Mukesh] Ambani can speak English fluently but he is still a capitalist… Vijay Mallya can speak in English but he will remain an absconder”.

Well, that is something to think about, if someone is speaking better English than you, doesn’t make him or her a better person.



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