Hrithik Roshan Battles Depression!


We all know that a lot of stars have been going through and battling depression. From Shah Rukh Khan to Deepika Padukone to Honey Singh, a lot of actors have gone through medical illness at some point of time and came out with grace. We got to know about Karan Johar a few moons back and now Hrithik Roshan has come out in open talking about his depression.

We all know a lot has been happening in the actor’s life. From his divorce to his affair with Kangana and then the split, time has really been harsh on junior Roshan!

Hrithik said, “I’ve been through my ups and downs. I have experienced depression, I have experienced confusion, as we all do. It’s a very normal thing. We should be very casual about it when we speak about it. It should be spoken about casually.”

“We all go through ups and downs. The ups are important, the downs are important because you evolve through both of them. When you go through a down then the most important thing is clarity of thought. Sometimes your brain takes over, feeds you with unwanted thoughts. That’s the time you need objectivity, a third or second person to look at you and say ‘this is what is happening to you’.”

He concluded with, “This is something which was on my mind for years. I always questioned this stigma (around mental illness). I have seen my friends suffer in silence and it bothered me to a level where I started asking questions and stumbled upon some very good questions in that search. Why, when we are suffering from stomach or kidney problem, we are so cool and casual about it. Why when we have a problem with a brain, which is also an organ, we get scared and feel as if it is our fault and we need to hide it from people. Everybody at some point of life is going to go through some mental issue.”

Well we hope he gets a clear head and gives amazing performances on screen.