Deepika Padukone’s Mother Talks About The Molestation Case!


We all know that Deepika Padukone, in spite of being a global star is very grounded to her roots. She owes it to no one but her family. She belongs to Bengaluru and it would be justified to take her mother’s opinion on the incident that happened recently that took everyone by a storm. In an interview recently, Mrs Ujjala Padukone told us how she stays scared about her daughters.

She said, “Girls have every right to live their lives the way they choose to, just like the boys; to wear what they want, go where they want, just like the boys. Nobody should tell them what to wear and where to go. But I feel boys’ parents have greater responsibility. They need to teach their sons to respect the women. In India, women have a basic respect for men, why can’t boys be taught to respect women? The mindset has to change for that.”

Miffed, she further added, “As a mother, I’m paranoid of my daughters driving or stepping out alone in vulnerable areas. It is so contradictory when in their respective careers, my husband and I keep telling them to reach out to the skies. Recently, I was in Morocco with my younger daughter for her golf tournament. I had to step out in the night to get something for her and I was scared. But I was assured that women are 200 per cent safe in that traditional country. I wonder why can’t women be safe any time of the day in our nation. I feel it all boils down to administration. If those men (in Bengaluru) were scared of the law and the cops, they would never have dared to indulge in such atrocities. If the laws, cops and politicians could instill faith in people, such things would never happen.”

We couldn’t have agreed more, don’t you think?