Deepika Makes A Confession About Deepika And Priyanka!


We all know that in the last episode of Koffee With Karan, Katrina and Anushka were on fire. They were transparent more than one could’ve thought of. There was a moment when both of asked if Deepika Padukone was a good friend and both of them refused.

Deepika Padukone being a sport still tweeted, “These girls were on fire! What a fun episode”.

Recently when she was spotted at the airport, she was asked about the same thing to which she said, “I wouldn’t say competition. I will only say this that sometimes you feel a certain way about some people and they may not necessarily feel the same way about you and that is okay. I am extremely fond of both of them professionally and personally and I wish them all the best.”

Since the Koffee season is back, she was asked about who her partner would be to which she said, “you’ll know soon”.

Well, we are super excited to see the episode, Aren’t you?

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