Chunky Pandey’s Daughter Ananya To Debut In Student Of The Year 2

04 Jul 2017 @ 17:18

Few years ago, Karan Johar created Student Of The Year as a launching platform for new stars. The movie saw the launch of Alia Bhatt, Varun Dhawan and Siddharth Kapoor.

All three are now highly successful and sought after in Bollywood. So it’s not that big of a stretch to say that they owe their success to Karan.

Given these facts, it’s no surprise that people are really excited about seeing what new actors will they come across in the sequel.

The sequel, which supposedly flips the formula by incorporating two women with one man in the cast. It has already been announced that Tiger Shroff will be the male lead.

This left fans to speculate if we will see new female stars. Or will the movie drop it’s launch platform status and opt for already known actresses.

This is one question we are happy to answer. Yes there will be new stars, and one of them have already been finalized.

We are talking about Ananya Pandey, the 18 year old daughter of Bollywood actor, Chunky Pandey. Karan Johar himself confirmed this news.

When Chunky was asked about what he thought of this, he said, “Yes, Ananya wants to be an actress and she had informed me about her decision sometime ago. Be it Ahaan or Ananya, I want the kids to create their own identity and be a brand in their own right.”

Fir those who don’t know the future starlet and are worried how she will be, here’s a little refresher.

Ananya recently graduated from Dhirubhai Ambani International High School. She is already training with celebrity trainer, Yasmin Karachiwala to get in her best bikini shape.

She is also taking acting and dancing classes to make sure she is worth watching. If all this doesn’t impress, then you should also know that Salman Khan himself is mentoring her in all filmmaking matters.

Salman has been known to take stars under his wings and make sure they survive the harsh world of movies. So all in all it’s good omens where Student of the year 2 is concerned.

Are you excited about these new developments? Tell us in the comments.

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