Bigg Boss 12: Mid-Week Eviction, Sreesanth Joins Anup Jalota In Secret Room!

11 Oct 2018 @ 11:43

The audience was shocked as they saw Sreesanth walking out of the Bigg Boss house after the surprising mid-week evictions. It was quite an emotional night at the house as the contestants said their goodbyes to Sreesanth who was being considered a very strong contestant.

But there a twist to come, Sreesanth sure left the house but he hasn’t left the show, just like Anup Jalota he will be keeping a close eye on the contestants from a secret room. And we will be seeing him the game in the house soon. His eviction came as a shock to many.

Dipika Kakar even cried when she took Sreesanth’s name on being asked who, out of the three nominated contestants, should be evicted from the house. Dipika had voted for Sreesanth to be eliminated and broke down in tears saying that she does not want to be misunderstood by him and wants to justify herself to him.

But many are saying that the show is losing its touch as it is getting boring. We know that the makers are doing their best to come up with a new twist and turns every day but it’s still not getting the desired attention.

Well, let’s see what’s going to happen now!



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